Pet Damage

Carpet Care and Beyond offers multiple packages to fit the pet damage needs and budget of every metro Atlanta customer.

The areas that are damaged by pets can be difficult to detect. Your CC&B technician has the technology to determine where the damage lies and how to fix it.  A simple cleaning can make the smell worse as the the urine crystals often penetrate beyond the carpet itself. Once this has occurred the odor can spread throughout the entire home creating an unhealthy environment for residents and guests alike.

Pet odor solutions found in stores rarely work. The carpet being affected is only the beginning, padding as well as the flooring underneath needs to be taken into account. Carpet Care and Beyond technicians will be able to determine if a pet sanitizer treatment is adequate or if a bacterial enzyme treatment is required. The longer the damaged area is left untreated the more difficult it becomes to remove the  damage. Carpet Care and Beyond offers a sanitizer package that will leave your carpet looking great and smelling fresh.

Cats or dogs, we have the solutions for the accidents that occasionally occur. Please call your CC&B pet odor specialist today for a no-charge phone consultation.

Atlanta pets love Carpet Care and Beyond. All products are pet and child friendly.


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