Carpet Repair

Repairing carpet tears, holes, or stains not only bring back a carpet’s  aesthetic value, but it may also prevent further damage. 

Repairing carpet seams and general areas can be done using existing carpet in a hidden area such as a closet or can be matched at a local store with the help of your Carpet Care and Beyond repair expert.

Hiring a professional may sound expensive, but the consumer is paying for the education and experience of a CC&B expert. There are also a lot of specialty tools and substances needed to complete the process, and those can be pricey and difficult to obtain. Deciding to turn to a local Marietta, Ga. and metro Atlanta based professional, however, is often the best course of action to save the carpeting and reduce any further damage.

That’s where Carpet Care and Beyond comes in. Rather than replacing existing carpet call us from anywhere in the metropolitan Atlanta area to handle your repairs.

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